Demos IV

by Mute Issue



released March 1, 2011

Mixed & Recorded at Iron Lion Studios



all rights reserved


Mute Issue Miami

Mute Issue are a 3 piece hardcore/pop-punk band playing in the vein of Jaw Breaker, Bad Religion and Descendents. Having played in the Miami scene since '01, they've since released 2 EP's, a full-length, been apart of several compilations and done countless touring. The band recently entered Moathouse Studios with Roger Lima producing/recording and Stephen Egerton mixing/mastering a new 6-song EP ... more

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Track Name: Winning's the Other Half
Is the prize worth all this pain?
It's hard to stay dry when you're standing in the rain
But maybe I like to soak
Sometimes I want to see if I can still float, if I could do it alone

Sometimes it feels like a punch in the face, I speak when I've got nothing to say
Sometimes I think I'm wrong until I realize I'm right, I want to win but it's just not worth the fight

I gave up on umbrellas a long time ago

I don't want to look up and believe
I'm spread thin, I'm severed, I'm stretched out, I'm scattered
I'm the hail that destroys and shatters
I don't want to look up and believe, I want to know

Is the prize worth all this pain?
It's hard when you have everything to lose
and nothing to gain
Track Name: Missing Pieces
Am I defective? I must be missing parts
I didn't realize there was so much assembly required
There's no manual and no batteries
No technical support and no warranties

Just leave me on the shelf, behind whatever's left
Just call me in, I need replacing
Because no one wants a toy that's missing pieces

Give me to the dog, the one that no one loves
Put me in the store, the one that everyone mugs
Put me in the yard, the one that always rains
Leave me in the sun, so I can melt under the rays
Track Name: Molotov Heart
Feels like I popped a blood vessel in my head
I feel like I don't wanna get out of this bed
its been one of those days this whole week
I've been having trouble speaking my mind to you
feels like my heart's attacking
I'm stroking out and there's nothing I can do

There's a weight on my shoulders that I can't bear
My head's gonna roll right off and I don't care
seems just like yesterday I was flying high
now I'm crashing and burning right in front of your eyes
you're watching the flames engulf me
even though I feel so far away from you

When it comes to disappointing me
I've already expected that from you
so why the hell do I feel this way

Your silence makes for good poetry
and I'm listening intently
to all the things that you don't have to say

Feels like I wanna throw up all my insides
all in slow motion on your frustrating roller coaster ride
My bones feel like ripping through my skin
and the night's only getting longer as we begin
I'm gonna shove my heart into a bottle
light it up and throw the damn thing your way
Track Name: I'll Be Your Lookout
Sometimes, we share a heart
Sometimes, we are worlds apart
But I know, just when you leave
As soon as you take your eyes of me

GONE - I ask you like a broken record
GONE - But I'll never know what's wrong
Like a blaring siren on repeat
I'll wait until you get back because I know that you need me

Our love, is built on tension
Our love, it moves in slow motion
But sometimes, our love, derails
In a tragic crash, to save yourself

GONE - I ask you like a broken record
GONE - But I'll never know what's wrong
Like a blaring siren on repeat
I'll wait until you get back because I know that you need me

If I don't say something stupid, we won't say anything at all
I know that it's not me, but sometimes I wish it was all my fault

At least then I'd know who to blame
Maybe then I could do something
But until then I'll be your look out
Because up ahead, I see brighter days